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Sugar Mobile Plus for BlackBerry

Sugar Mobile Plus for BlackBerry is an offline Sugar Mobile client created for BlackBerry handheld devices. Modules within Sugar Mobile Plus provide offline mobile access to Sugar records such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and so on. Additional functionality such as Alerts, Lookups, and Activity History provide added benefits for everyday business needs.

Sugar Mobile Plus enables your Sugar data to be retrieved and stored locally on each user's BlackBerry device. Similarly, data created and updated on the device can be uploaded to Sugar to maintain synchronization of data. Updates are automatically done both ways. Any action on Sugar is automatically effected on the device.

Our Expertise

Our wireless application development team has offered commendable solutions to our global customer base for many years delivering high-end mobile projects in Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows.

Hiring Process

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    Getting Started

Clients can take references from software companies in US (who are outsourcing their software Development to Notetech facility) to understand Notetech service Excellency.

Client gives the complicated test project to Notetech development facility.

Client evaluates the finished test project work.

Goes to the next step "business deal with us".

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