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Client - ORACLE [Sub contracted the works through iEnterprises] - (Started date April 2011)

iEnterprises, the leading mobile CRM solutions experts announced a joint collaboration with Oracle which has resulted in the development of iSales. iSales is a highly configurable enterprise application to mobilize Oracle CRM on demand and Siebel to mobile professionals in the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries.

Notetech Software has been partnering with iEnterprises from 1998; in all their major software ventures. During the development of iSales; Notetech Software's highly motivated, innovative and quick thinking professionals make a dream team for the success of the project. iEnterprises is confident that Notetech software understands the rapidly shifting dynamics in the Life Science and Pharmaceutical sales industry.

iSales is a feature rich Enterprise grade application that enables mobile professionals in Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical organizations to use industry specific versions of Oracle CRM on Demand and Siebel anytime, anywhere with full online and offline capability and with virtually any internet enabled smart phone or tablet of your choice.

iSales provides an innovative solution for Pharmaceutical sales forces who need to carefully record their drug sample drops via the corporate CRM system and to deliver sales presentations using their mobile device. Until now these activities have had to be managed separately via paper records and the use of traditional lap top computers which meant much of the vital CRM information remained in independent silos and was not fed back to the corporate system in a timely or accurate manner.

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